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🎉 Celebrating 20 Years of Cheerleading and Tumbling Excellence in Derby! 🌟

For two decades, our Derby Cheerleading and Tumbling School, the epitome of All Star spirit, has been empowering students to reach for the stars! Our mission is to nurture talent, promote teamwork, and develop skills that go beyond the mat. Join us in celebrating our
20th anniversary, and let's make the next 20 years even more spectacular!

🤸‍♀️ Unleashing All Star Potential:
Our All Star cheer classes are designed to shape athletes into stars by honing their stunting, tumbling, and dancing abilities. Beyond the routines, we focus on enhancing spatial awareness, flexibility, and strength. We believe in building well-rounded athletes, ready to shine both on and off the cheer floor.

💫 Introducing Derby Diamonds:
The Derby Diamonds classes are tailored for athletes seeking to elevate their cheerleading game to a competitive level. If you dream of standing in the spotlight, showcasing your skills in a team, and thrilling audiences with breathtaking routines, this is your stage. Join us and be part of a community that's as competitive as it is encouraging.

🏆 Championing Competitions:
Our teams are not just teams; they're a force to be reckoned with! We train hard, unite in spirit, and compete in prestigious competitions. Picture a 2 1/2 minute routine that's a mesmerizing blend of tumbling, stunting, pyramids, jumps, and dance. When we step on that competition floor, we're a symphony of athleticism and artistry.

🌟 Leading the Way:
In our tight-knit community, older athletes set the bar high. We believe in cultivating strong role models who inspire and guide the younger athletes within our program. It's about fostering a culture of mentorship, support, and continuous growth.

🎉 Join the Legacy of Derby Cheerleading and Tumbling:
As we celebrate our 20th year, we invite you to be part of this incredible journey. Join our Derby Cheerleading and Tumbling School, where passion meets purpose, and dreams are transformed into reality. Here's to 20 years of triumphs, and here's to the countless victories yet to come! 🎉🌟



Ages 5-8


Ages 5-11


Ages 5-14


Ages 10+


Aside from our cheer classes, our athletes participate in a dedicated tumbling class every week. This additional focus on tumbling has resulted in noticeable enhancements in the tumbling proficiency of our teams. It has also fueled a heightened motivation among our athletes to strive for higher levels of competition.
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Welcome to Derby Diamonds, a dazzling part of the Caroline Green Dance & Theatre Arts family! Our adventure began on April 1, 1989, and this year, we're celebrating an incredible 33 years of dance and theatre excellence!
Nestled right in the lively heart of Derby City centre, our school is all about dance and theatre fun for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Whether you're in it for the sheer joy of it or dreaming of a dazzling stage career, we've got you covered! And guess what? Getting to us is a breeze! We're just a skip and a hop away—a quick 5-minute stroll from Derby railway station or a mere 10-minute jaunt from the bus station.
What makes us stand out? We're a close-knit family! Picture a place where every leap, every twirl, and every cheer is celebrated with cheerleader-like enthusiasm. Our passion for training stands out—validated by our connections with RAD (Royal Academy of Dance), ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing), NATD (National Association of Teachers of Dancing), LCM (London College of Music), and Acrobatic Arts. With this backing, we promise the best training in Dance & Theatre Arts, and oh boy, we love showing off our students' talents in local and National Theatres!
Our secret to being fabulous for over three decades? The incredible dedication of our students and teachers! In 2016, we upgraded to a fantastic new home—a former church dating back to 1861 on London Road in Derby. Picture this: 4 studios with mirrors and Barres, chill-out zones, a music room, and a whopping 300-seat theatre area for jaw-dropping performances. The renovation journey continues, and we're buzzing with the progress we've made so far!
Our focus? Your growth and joy! Our school isn't just a place to learn; it's like a second home. Our awesome students often pop by for classes on multiple days a week, making it a big part of their vibrant lives.
So, if you're ready to dance, leap, and twirl into a world of excitement, come join us at Derby Diamonds! Let's create a dance and theatre story that'll sparkle for generations to come!
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